Monday, August 23, 2010

Cloud Computing

Is the future of the internet going to Cloud Computing? Do not be confused by Virtualization, even though they do usually tie in with one another, they are not the same or at all dependent on one another.

There are three basic types of "Clouds", SaaS (Software as a Service) witch is basically a beefed up version of the old "Dummy Terminal" connected to a mainframe, but with SaaS "Clouding" it is a client/server setting, where the server would be the "Mainframe", and the client would be the "Dummy Terminal". The client is really only connected to the cloud through the web browser, or application that would be hosting the service, so the actual computer is still has free resources to do with what you will (where as the Dummy Terminal was the connection to the Mainframe, and had really no other use).

Then there is PaaS (Platform as a Service), which is really already in use by companies like Facebook, where the user logs on to a platform and utilizes that platform to run application, and use resources in a centralized setting. The drawback here is that mainly this service is specific to a certain platform, and has not really been applied to the infrastructure needs of the customers. There have been some Paas suppliers that have implemented SaaS into there environment, which would greatly improve the likes of both the SaaS, and PaaS "Clouding" platforms, but, to my understanding, would create another category of "Clouding" (Maybe SPaaS or something).

Then we come to IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) which seems to be where all the focus is. This is all about pooled computing and storage services to the users. This platform is well really never ending, in the sense that you could be attached to a Internal Pool that is part of the company that you work for, and from there connect to a Public cloud that would be more focused on you internet needs. Really with this platform the "Cloud" could be extremely enormous, with clouds inside of clouds and so on. This is the most likely "Clouding" platform that will be readily available to those who wish to pursue, this technology, and likely the Cloud that will be coming to a "business near you".

So it is almost inevitable that we will all be "Clouding" in the near future, I guess the only real question is how near of future...

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